On The Floor

June 11, 2010

As I sit on the floor, cleaning up the 40 pound bag of dog food, that my giant dog, Cisco, managed to reach from the inside of his kennel, and completely rip to shreds,  desperation sets in.  It wasn’t the minor fact that I can’t find my stupid dustpan, which forces me to scoop it up with cardboard.  It is the fact that I am cleaning it up alone.  Alone.  These used to be minor crises but now and in the last 8 months, these small things are what push me over the edge and turn into giant meltdowns.  How is it fair that a truly commited, honest, hardworking husband and father could be taken away from our family?  Why is it that a government that was made to protect my rights and support me, could do something to rip apart my family and bring all of us to the depths of despair?  I don’t understand.  There is so much divorce and separation in this world.  Pedro and I love each other and we have worked really hard to have a good relationship.  We want to be together!  There are so many fathers that choose not to be present in the lives of their children.  Pedro wants to be in Logan’s life.  Pedro’s soul is being destroyed,  knowing that his son is having enormous milestones without him, and Logan is asking for him daily. 

After Pedro came to the US when he was 8 years old, his father was not present in his life. When Logan was born Pedro was adamant that he would not to repeat that pattern.  From the very beginning, he loved Logan with all of his heart and was truly present in his life.  Pedro  was also a stay at home dad last year.  He took Logan everywhere and truly enjoyed the time he spent with him.  They were so close.   Then ICE took him from us, right before our eyes.  It is just not fair.  It is so wrong that a government agency could rip our family apart.   Why is this okay in the United States?  There are so many little boys that don’t have their fathers in their lives.  Their fathers leave them for so many different reasons, but many times it is the father’s choosing.  Pedro did not have a choice in this.  He wants to be the best father he can be.  He wants to be by Logan’s side.  ICE says he cannot.  ICE says  that spending $122 of the taxpayers money, everyday, to detain Pedro and keep him away from our family, is the right thing to do.  I just don’t understand how anyone could be against immigration reform.  ICE destroys families.  Pedro’s case is not the only disturbing and heartwrenching case.  There are better ways to do all of this.  Logan needs Pedro.  I need Pedro.  I want this mess to end.  I want my husband here, in our home, by our side, where he belongs.  Instead, right now, I am in the chaos of three dogs wrestling, running in circles, and howling, dog food everywhere, Logan stepping on it and I am in a puddle of tears on the floor.  I am just trying to keep it together, here at home, while my husband is so painfully far away.

I miss you terribly Pedro.  I love you.  You truly are my soulmate.  I will fight for our family until we are together again.

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Pedro was detained at Stewart Detention Center for 19 months.

NACARA is the type of relief Pedro was granted. Click here to find out what it is.