Guzman Family in the News


Can he be a Good American? by Richard Faussett (article author) and Don Bartletti (audio slideshow), LA Times,0,6963488.htmlstory

Us...Them...United States By Paul Deblinge

Feliz Regreso by Eloy Tupayachi

Journey to Private Prisons by Iliana Sosa

Immigrant Freed From 19-Month Detention: 'I Treat My Dogs Much Better Than The Detainees Are Treated' by Elise Foley

The horrifying case of Pedro Guzman by Bob Geary

Logan's Dad, My Husband: We are America:

10 Immigration Detention Centers called the Worst in the US, ABC News

Groups Rally at GA Immigration Dentention Center

Help Logan get his Dad back by Witness for Peace 

Storycorp interview

Un oasis para familias de prisioneros

The Con to criminalize immigrants by Catalina Nieto

Fix sought for immigration backlog by Jeremy Redmon

Emily's Speech at the Stewart Detention Center Rally

Video Collage of the Stewart Detention Center Rally in Lumpkin, GA

Immigrant rights activists getting arrested for a cause by Andria Simmons

Shut Down Stewart and Bring Pedro Home by SOA Watch

Protesta termina en arrestos por Mario Guevara y los fotos

Demonstrators: Close prison for suspected illegal immigrants by Jeremy Redmon

8 activists arrested at Immigrant Prison in Lumpkin by Gloria Tatum

Eight arrested at Georgia protest vigil by Associated Press

Lawless Courts by Jaqueline Stevens- Featured in the Nation

More charges of misconduct by Immigration Detention Centers by Elise Foley

A year after review, immigrant detainees still treated like Prisoners by Elise Foley

"Lawless Courts": Lack of Accountability Allows Immigration Judges to Violate Laws, Deport US Citizens by Democracy Now

Forum talks of Immigrants Deportation Fears by Dawn Baumgartner Vaughan

Immigration Detention Reform One Year Later by Arlene Roberts

Year One Report Card:  Human Rights and the Obama Administration's Immigration Detention Reform Teleconference

Juez con Leyes Propias by Walter Gomez

"Que Liberen a mi Papa"  by Eloy Tupayachi

Logan talks about Pedro

We Are America by Burke Stansbury

Pedro Perez Guzman- The Deportee's Wife by Giselle Stern Hernandez

We Are America Stories Project by Burke Stansbury

Demand Contact Visits for Immigrant Detainees by Lauren Markham

A Long Stay by Yana Kunichoff

Emily's Struggle: A husband and father removed from his family

Forced to Choose Between Family and Country by Tanya Golash- Boza

La Conexion Article by Walter Gomez and translation


Pedro was detained at Stewart Detention Center for 19 months.

NACARA is the type of relief Pedro was granted. Click here to find out what it is.

From Emily's Blog:

Pedro's Return To Georgia

November 27, 2011

As Pedro, Logan and I drove closer and closer to Georgia, we were excited but also nervous.  This...

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