Tamara Noel's Letter

Your  Honor,

I have taken the liberty to write you this letter to implore your clemency towards Mr. Pedro Perez Guzman.  I have gotten to know Mr. Guzman while sharing an office with his wife, Ms. Emily Guzman, at Family Preservation Services where we both worked as Mental Health Therapist. 

I know Mr. Guzman to be a family man.  I have vivid memories of Ms. Guzman rushing home all excited to spend a nice evening with her family enjoying her husband’s, Mr. Guzman,  cooking.  He cooked for  his family every night.  Mr. Guzman took care of their son, Logan, while Emily worked  hard training parents and providing outpatient therapy for adults and children during the day.  I remember how relieved Emily was to be able to leave the home in the morning knowing her child would be  well taken care of because he was with his father.  Logan would smile and say, “see you later Mommy” because Daddy was there to take care of him.

Mr. Guzman  managed to contribute to the family’s finances to the best of his ability by spending Saturdays at the Flea Market  selling things that he had gotten at different  Yard Sales etc. (I can erase this if it’s inappropriate).  Logan has gone to spending every day with Daddy, cooking, taking him fishing, taking care of him,  to not seeing his father at all.  This is very hard on a three year old, and there is really no way to explain this to him.  He is a different child now .  He needs his father.  Emily needs her husband.  I don’t know what mistake Mr. Guzman made in his early years, but I can assure you that his now a humble man wanting a chance to raise his family in a country that is the very symbol of liberty.  I’m asking you kindly to please give him that chance Sir.



Tamara Noel


Pedro was detained at Stewart Detention Center for 19 months.

NACARA is the type of relief Pedro was granted. Click here to find out what it is.