Courtney Cornwright's Letter

Your Honor,

I am composing this letter on behalf of Pedro Perez Guzman. The past two years I have spent a lot of time with Pedro, his wife (Emily), and his son (Logan). They have become a part of our family. I am sad he is being held away from his family. He is such a good father and husband. His family is lost without him. As a fellow American, teacher, mother, and friend to the family, I implore you to give him the opportunity to stay and to continue his life here, with his family.

He is a hard worker. He has worked hard to provide a good home to his family. When I first met him he was a driver. Then, when situations changed, he became a stay at home dad. At this point, I really saw what a phenominal father he was. I have seen many dad's stay at home with their kids and spend a lot of time watching TV with the kids. Pedro didn't do this. He went to the park, the museum, played action figures with Logan, played ball, etc. He was trying to provide the best social, learning opportunities for his son as was possible. I know many stay at home parents who do not even come close to being as wonderful as Pedro was to Logan.

He is a wonderful husband. Though money has been tight for the Guzmans, he has worked to create a loving, happy family and home. He makes sure that his wife has time to herself. He goes on hikes with his family. He is a father and husband who is present and thoughtful.

I have spent much time talking to Logan and Emily since he was taken. They are at a loss. They are missing a part of their family and their heart. Please, please, please consider rectifying this and returning him to his family. He is a good citizen, a good father, a good husband, and a good friend.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. Please, feel free to contact me if I can be of any more help.

Courtney Cornwright


Pedro was detained at Stewart Detention Center for 19 months.

NACARA is the type of relief Pedro was granted. Click here to find out what it is.