Don Opitz's Letter

Dear Honorable Immigration Judge:

I am writing as a friend of the family of Pedro Guzman Perez to ask for your kind consideration in setting a bond hearing and his release from detention. I have known Pedro and his wife, Emily Nelson Guzman, since 1999 when I was Emily’s coworker at the University of Minnesota’s academic women’s center. Prior to their marriage, Pedro occasionally visited Emily at work, and I found him to be a likeable young man who clearly cared about Emily. Since my departure from the women’s center, Emily and I remained in touch. Over the years she has shared with me the good news about their marriage in 2004 and the birth of their now-three-year-old beautiful son, Logan, as well as the hardships her family has weathered. All through their marriage, I have witnessed nothing but good things in their lives. Together they have established a cozy home in Durham, made valuable contributions to their work and communities, and brought together a wide circle of family and friends. I am proud to count myself among them.

Pedro’s detention has come as a shock to us all and appears unjust. I know Pedro to be an honest and caring father, husband and friend. Please work with the family in setting a bond hearing and Pedro’s release.


Donald L. Opitz, Ph.D.


Pedro was detained at Stewart Detention Center for 19 months.

NACARA is the type of relief Pedro was granted. Click here to find out what it is.