Laura Jane Murphy's Letter

Dear Honorable Immigration Judge,

This letter is a request for your consideration in the case of Pedro Perez Guzman who is the husband of my niece, Emily Guzman, and the father of Logan Guzman.

 I have known Emily most of her life. She is a woman of exceptional character. A woman like Emily chooses a mate who strives for the same values as she. Pedro Perez Guzman is a solid individual who has demonstrated his ability to sincerely love and care for Emily, to be the best father he can be for Logan, and who has consistently shown respect and concern for Emily’s extended family members. In this day and age, a man like this is a rare find. I am asking you to consider his case, and to keep this family together.

 While Emily is strong, Logan is vulnerable. This child has had the opportunity to blossom as a result of the fact that he has had what so many children are lacking – the love and support of two parents who live together in a home where they share the responsibilities of child rearing in a peaceful way. I am acutely aware of the effect on children who suffer from an extended and unexplainable separation as I work with children and families. I have spent time with Pedro, Emily and Logan, and I can tell you, this child is securely attached to both parents. At his age, maintaining his right to remain this way without traumatic separation from either parent is a crucial issue. It is Logan who will suffer the most if his father is not allowed to reunite with his family as soon as possible.

Pedro is a kind, loving person who strives to be a good citizen, neighbor and friend. He works hard, manages his responsibilities gracefully, and always offers his support to others. On his behalf, and on behalf of Emily and Logan, I ask that you consider providing your support to reunite this family.


LJ Murphy, MA, LLP

Limited License Psychologist


Pedro was detained at Stewart Detention Center for 19 months.

NACARA is the type of relief Pedro was granted. Click here to find out what it is.