Father-in-law Letter

Dear Sir,
I am writing on behalf of my son-in-law, Pedro Perez Guzman, who is currently incarcerated as a result of immigration issues.  I understand that his hearing for bond may take place in the next week or two, and so I offer these comments in support of his release.
Pedro has been a caring and loving husband and a wonderful father.  He takes these responsibilities very seriously and wants the very best for his family.  To this end, he has worked tirelessly to provide a good home, a home that is loving, nurturing, and wholesome.  When he was able to work, he did so for long hours and took pride in doing the very best he could.  This was true as a cook and as a truck driver.  When he was unable to work, he became the full-time childcare provider to his son, Logan.  Again, he approached this opportunity with enthusiasm, and consequently their relationship became very close, and it was clear that Logan was thriving as a result.  It was traumatic for Logan to see his father hauled away by ICE employees.  
When my daughter married Pedro, I had my doubts.  I guess this is natural for most fathers who want the best for their children.  My daughter is very perceptive and has a good understanding of people.  This, in part, is a result of her natural aptitude and her training.  Consequently, I had faith in her judgment.  My faith was justified.  Pedro has been good for my daughter, and he has shown himself to be an exceptional father.  He wants the family to be together, and consequently he understands that should bond be granted, he needs to remain with his family and await a judgment concerning his immigration status.
Finally, I feel privileged that Pedro is part of my family and that I can call him my son.
Dr. Trevor Nelson, PhD

1515 Burnett Avenue
Ames IA 50010



Pedro was detained at Stewart Detention Center for 19 months.

NACARA is the type of relief Pedro was granted. Click here to find out what it is.