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This ordeal has been a very difficult financially.  There have been and continue to be enormous legal fees, exorbitant telephone costs, travel to visit Pedro (9 hours away), child care, therapy for Logan (not covered by insurance), potential bond costs, and the many other things Pedro's unfair detention has caused.  You can donate financially through PayPal.  It is a safe, secure and private way to donate money to the family.

Pictures of Our Family


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Stewart Detention Center is where Pedro was detained.

NACARA is the type of relief Pedro was granted. Click here to find out what it is.

From Emily's Blog:

Pedro's Return To Georgia

November 27, 2011

As Pedro, Logan and I drove closer and closer to Georgia, we were excited but also nervous.  This...

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If you would like to donate to our cause to free Pedro, you can click on the Donate button above to link to PayPal.

Thank you so much for prayers, letters and support!